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Office Intelligence
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Introducing Office Intelligence

Office Intelligence

Objective: Introduce Office Intelligence—an online course library helping young professionals navigate their careers.

Creative approach: After examining various online courses in the discovery phase of this project, it became clear that online course content itself is commonly under-supported by the storytelling approach and production value. Our work on this trailer—and the full courses—attempts to build a more dynamic educational experience for the viewer, facilitating increased comprehension and enjoyment. We leverage live action to establish a connection and develop trust with our audience, and we embrace 2D animation for illustrating—abstractly and literally—specific concepts, circumstances, and lessons.

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Client Office Intelligence

Creator Jeff Apfel

Writer Jeff Apfel

Writer Sam Boyer

Producer & Director Andy Langdon

Director of Photography Corey Parsons

1st AC & Camera Operator Bryan Woytan
Production Sound Gray Morgan

Stills Photographer Paul Lai

Production Assistant Joan Chu

Animation Studio Anomaly

Animation Director Raag Raisinghani
Illustrator Saloni Ramteke
Sound Design 
MelodyGun Sound Studios


Jeff Apfel

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