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Durfee Sabbatical | Upward Bound House
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Durfee Sabbatical

Christine Mirasy-Glasco | Upward Bound House

Objective: Explore CEO Christine Mirasy-Glasco's experience with her Durfee Sabbatical, which aided in her personal rejuvenation and empowered leadership at Upward Bound House—a homeless services organization supporting families in Los Angeles.

Creative approach: We begin the narrative with interviews, b-roll, and observational footage that showcase Upward Bound House's services—featuring a UBH community member, Lus Fuentes. We then draw a parallel between UBH supporting families like Lus' and the Durfee Sabbatical supporting leaders like Christine—ultimately driving home how necessary it is to have a safe place to land in one's life and work.

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Client The Durfee Foundation

Featured Organization Upward Bound House

Production Company Good Pictures

Featuring Christine Mirasy-Glasco, Lus Fuentes, Tara Brown

Director & Producer Andy Langdon

Director of Photography Justin D. Lee

1st Assistant Camera Cass Chang
Gaffer & Grip Zan Cullen

Production Sound Laura Nicolo
BTS & Stills Photographer Jennifer Stuart

Production Assistant Ryan Cho

Edit Will Lee

Color Jordan Mena

Sound MelodyGun Sound Studios

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Anna Isaacson

Senior Vice President of

Social Responsibility


We were very pleased with the work that Good Pictures put into the PSA they created for 1in6. The final product was thought-provoking, effective, and powerful.

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