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Survivors of Sexual Trauma Reveal an Important Truth
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Objective: Recognize that anyone—regardless of identity—can be a survivor of sexual abuse or assault.

Creative approach: To encourage a more inclusive cultural conversation, we created a groundbreaking social experiment—asking five readers to read aloud different accounts of sexual trauma and then respond to those accounts, before introducing the reader to the survivor and ultimately capturing their surprise. We express our gratitude to the NFL and Viacom for funding this project, as well as the survivors for bravely sharing their stories and the readers for responding with such compassion.

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Executive Producer Steve LePore

Writer/Director Andy Langdon

Producer Lindsay Carl

Producer Meredith Alling

Cinematographer Luc Delamare

Gaffer Oliver Alling
Camera Operator Arturo Ochoa
Camera Operator Vincent Patin
Camera Operator Matt Richardson
Camera Operator Megan Stacey
Production Sound Graham Morgan
Boom Operator Juliana Collins
Stills Photographer Jon Rou

Grip Douglas Biel

Wrangler Jared McCarthy
Wrangler Jackie Sheehan

Production Assistant Eric Betancourt

Clinical Consultant Tracy DeTomasi

Editor Andy Langdon


Isaac Andrade

Walter Castaneda

Mark Godoy, Jr.

Glen Hull

James Meadours

Ashley Bell

Esella Ibarra

Elizabeth Lamboy-Wilson

Katrina Lee

Joy Sunday

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